Drivers Negligence? 4 out of 5 companies could save money by calling us!

Drivers Negligence Insurance will respond to claims following accidental damage caused by an agency driver who has been supplied to drive a hiring client’s vehicle. The hiring client will typically request that the cover be in place as it allows them to claim for any accidental damage through the driving agency’s policy instead of their own motor fleet which would impact upon their claims experience.

What am I covered for?

Accidental damage claims can include incidents such as damage following contact with bollards or height restrictions, and there is usually a maximum limit of £10,000 for this type of claim. However, cover for Third Party Damage and bodily injury must be insured under a Motor Insurance policy in accordance with the Road Traffic Acts, which means these covers will be excluded under a Drivers Negligence Insurance policy.

What about contractual conditions?

Driving agencies can often find themselves contractually obliged to pay the hiring client for any damage that would have been covered under a Drivers negligence policy, although this will depend on the individual contract between the driving agency and the hiring client. The nature of the contact between the self-employed driver, the driving agency and the hiring client will also be the deciding factor for insurers who are considering extending cover for self-employed drivers. Insurers will require the self-employed driver have a ‘contact for services’ with the driving agency before they can be covered under the Drivers Negligence Insurance policy.

How can I get covered?

Simply click the link HERE fill in the form and leave the rest to us!

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